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It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

It’s snacktIme.  As the girls munch on cheese quesadillas…BTW my daughter Eden does a wicked impersonation of Napoleon Dynamite’s mom telling hm to “make a dang quesadilla,” I’m sneaking in a few minutes catching up on emails and SM.  I realize we are in week four of our first year of homeschooling.  It’s been so phenomenal that I wonder why more families don’t do it and…why we didn’t do it earlier.

Here are my top ten memories of our homeschooling adventure so far….

1. Hearing my nine year old on the phone with her tween cousin talking about the Greek gods.  (We are reading Percy Jackson)

2. Discovering a local park, which has the Chattahoochee River snaking through it. (Many thanks to a homeschool co-op for making this a reality)

3. Watching my girls make gains in math. (We are using iXL math and it’s become a pretty painless endeavor)

4. Turning our family pet Bentley into our school mascot. (He accompanies us on excursions to the park)

5. The Parthenon in Nashville…A quick trip, a fond family memory.

6.  Woohoo LAPBOOKS…Who doesn’t love these?!?

7. Our Greek feast – white curtains, bread, oil and goat cheese…sans the wine…;o)

8. The Children’s Discovery Museum in Chattanooga…definitely will visit annually!

9. Exploring what my kids love…cooking, sewing and yoga. (Thanks to YouTube and Google, new learning is so accessible)

10. Bonding with my ladybugs.

Just heard my little one say, “Can I start Mommie?” she has her copy of Percy Jackson’s book perched on her lap…Truly, what isbetter than this?


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  1. Yeah! It sounds like you all are having a great first year! I hope that the remainder of your year is just as blessed.

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

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