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Tech Review: IXL Math


Full disclosure: when our family decided to homeschool, teaching math made the endeavor a tad bit scary. I love writing, reading and ALL things social studies. I am also intrigued with science especially as it pertains to how things work. But I wasn’t, and have never been, overly keen with math. I am GRATEFUL that IXL is on the market. Here are the features and reasons why we love it:

1. Online platform helps to keep track of math standards completed.
2. Full access to all math standards. The girls can go ahead to other grade level concepts or brush up on ones presented in earlier grades.
3. When an incorrect answer is submitted, an explanation is given.

I taught 8th grade several years ago on a team in which the students had a similar math program. Our students exceeded their peers on the state exam at the end of the school year. I believe that the technology affords kids a focus that they may not ave in a regular large group lecture setting. In the homeschool environment, it fits in gloriously with teaching the girls independence. They are learning how to continue working until they’ve mastered a concept or task. That in itself makes the program well worth the subscription.


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