Aya Academy of Excellence

Charlotte’s Web Unit Study


The girls and I are completing a short mini-unit based on the timeless book, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. As always, we incorporated experiential experiences to enliven our reading. Below is a list of our activities:

Last Friday, we visited our local zoo. Thanks to a partnership between the Atlanta Zoo and Atlanta Fulton Library, we visited the zoo for free. We spent a considerable time in the Orkin petting zoo, which allows children to pet the most docile goats on the planet. During our trip, we went looking for animals that were featured in our reading and came up a bit short. With the exception of a rather large ebony hued pig, most of the animals characterized in our reading were not at the zoo. However, they did have a barn and we got a chance to see some antiquated farm tools on display.

We retooled an Emril dessert recipe in honor of a best friend anyone could ever have: Charlotte. We skipped Emril’s rum liqueur and instead opted for toasted almonds, apple butter and crushed bits of toffee. This mousse encased with ladyfingers was a yummy treat. (I’ll post our recipe sometime soon.)

I already had a set of masks on hand created by former students during our book study on The Russian Revolution and Animal Farm. Since, the girls are writing a one scene dialogue between Uncle and Wilbur imagining their meeting up at next year’s county fair, these are coming in handy.

For our lapbook, the girls are creating blue ribbon superlatives assigning honors of Most Clever, Wisest, etc to the different characters in the play. This exercise will be an opportunity for the girls to use textual evidence.

Another feature in our lapbook is a nod to E.B. White’s ability to create descriptive imagery. During a nature walk next week, the girls will visit a local park to write using White’s chapter opening detailing a rainy day as inspiration.

Last, but not least, the reading of this book is a great segue into a quick study on spiders. We have some nonfiction on hand to read up on these very fuzzy creatures. We will create a foldable to outline some fascinating facts about these creepy crawlies.


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