Aya Academy of Excellence

Bed schooling


It’s funny…very funny how old adages still ring true. When I became a parent, I picked up every learning toy imaginable for my daughter. I should have taken out stock in Fisher Price! My mom and others told me that kids are creative and would find as much joy or even more with a cardboard box. This is still so true.

Before we began homeschooling, I spent considerable time revamping our home. The never used living room became our learning center and our diningroom doubled as our writing space. After a few trips to Ikea, Target and a salvage shop we transformed our space so that we could learn. And guess what? Over the past few weeks the girls have spent just as much time in the family room to read and have even done what most kids do, worked right from bed.

Learning doesn’t have any boundaries. It doesn’t require goo-gobs of stuff to be dynamic. I love the story of Diogenes who sold all of his stuff, ‘Men think they own possessions but truly possessions own men.’ Letting go of the material expectations, including space allocation ‘requirements’ keeps the focus on the true mission: making learning inspired.

So today, as Ava pilfers my iPad to learn French on her volition, I realize that I am learning just as much from homeschooling as my children are…what a blessing!


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