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Legacy Living


Each week, my girls and I pick up a slew of biographies from the library. These stories enlighten us to a time and place worth exploring and of the personal challenges remarkable people have triumphed over. Last night, my daughter selected a biography about Mary McLeod Bethune, the Black Rose, to read.

The Black Rose was an amazing woman. Her dedication to ensuring that African American children were educated prompted her to open her own school with just merely 5 children in its first year. The following year, she had twenty times that amount enrolled and three teachers. Her success, which later included having the ear of the President of the United States, is an example of the power of faith. The first building erected on her campus, which initially included boxes for desks, was named Faith Hall. She could not have known that her life, the embodiment of commitment and faithful stewardship would have later resulted in so many, including myself, to stay faithful in serving others. The lesson learned from her life is that our living our purpose builds an inspired legacy. And, tantamount to that, that this living may require the most humblest of starts.

Ava has expressed that she would like to see a black rose in person. Upon learning that black roses existed, Mrs. McLeod Bethune had several black rose bushes planted on campus. A visit to Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach next week may now be in order.


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