Aya Academy of Excellence

What is Education?


Education is not merely an exercise of pushing pencil onto paper. It encompasses fueling one’s life to actuality it’s full potential. To that end, Aya Academy has a series of 100 experiences for our children to engage in – some are fun, while others are life skills or professional endeavors. As the children go forward to complete them all, they will have been empowered to live their lives to the fullest.

Aya’s One Hundred

1. Complete a task using a SMART goal
2. Keep a plant alive
3. Care for a baby
4. Package a First Aid kit
5. Write a thank you note
6. Interview for a job, internship or volunteer position
7. Bake a birthday cake
8. Use a fire extinguisher
9. Use a compass
10. Demonstrate etiquette for a formal dinner
11. Tell a joke
12. Do a load of laundry
13. Read a map to get to a destination
14. Write legibly
15. Discuss the Fruits of the Spirit with a friend
16. Ask for assistance to solve a problem
17. Read the Book of Proverbs and write a reflection on wisdom
18. Be polite to someone with poor manners
19. Record your blessings daily for one month and celebrate them after 30 days
20. Dress appropriately for a professional situation
21. Type a letter without looking at the keyboard
22. Grow a plant from a seed
23. Read the technical writing of how to use a new device or technology
24. Compare features of different cars and judge which is best for your family
25. Set the table for lunch or dinner
26. Interview someone from another generation to learn about an important event
27. Play chess
28. Present a gift to a service member within the community
29. Make an emergency plan
30. Shine your shoes
31. Make your case in writing
32. Tie a scarf or tie
33. Rest
34. Make breakfast
35. Take notes
36. Make a simple meal for company
37. Wash a car
38. Present an idea to a large group
39. Ride a bike
40. Swim a lap around a pool
41. Use chopsticks
42. Make a new friend
43. Build something simple (ie: shelf, desk, treehouse)
44. Identify traits and skills needed for a job you would like to have
45. Congratulate another person on a job well done
46. Host a party to celebrate a special event
47. Speak in public
48. Select a song which describes you best
49. Iron clothes
50. Plan a field trip
51. Negotiate
52. Identify two different landscapes
53. Be a good listener
54. Be alone comfortably
55. Play a musical instrument
56. Develop a daily fitness routine to include stretching
57. Master a new skill
58. Be assertive and say no
59. Participate in an academic competitions
60. Create a budget
61. Make small talk in casual conversation
62. Memorize the books of the bible
63. Identify ways to de-stress and use them when you get frustrated
64. Organize your personal, physical space
65. Identify the location and a cultural feature of twenty world cities
66. Shuffle a deck of cards
67. Dance socially
68. Learn a second language
69. Pet a domesticated dog or cat
70. Start an entrepreneurial endeavor
71. Comprise a team to accomplish a goal
72. Create a healthy meal plan
73. Save for something important
74. Take a photo capturing movement
75. Keep a journal reflecting your thoughts
76. Create a poem to what makes you happy
77. Assist a peer with problem solving
78. Spend time with senior citizens
79. Create public art
80. Forgive someone for a mistake made
81. Discover a dozen new plants during a nature walk
82. Be punctual every day, for every activity, for one week
83. Make a little kid laugh
84. Write your autobiography
85. Reinterpret a piece of art you appreciate
86. Tie 3 types of basic knots
87. Shed a useless habit
88. Collect five artifacts demonstrating Jesus Christ impact on the world
89. Develop a personal motto
90. Acquire a useful habit
91. Create an action plan to solve a problem
92. Be a judge of good character
93. Participate in a public clean up
94. Give a compliment
95. Accept a compliment
96. Sing a song to a friend
97. Forgive yourself for a mistake
98. Calculate a tip
99. Read the biography of a person who made history
100. Learn how to juggle


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