Aya Academy of Excellence

Can Communities Be Fixed?

Strong communities are comprised of strong families.  Whether measured by empirical data or the personal narratives of individual families, there is something that is true no matter how we look at it: Families need support.  There is more than a scintilla of evidence which suggests that there is at least a correlating relationship between parental involvement, student academic performance.  And there is evidence that schools with high achieving students are positioned within stable, thriving communities.  What if these factors were all tied together: student achievement, stable communities and parental involvement?  

At Aya Academy of Excellence, we are in the midst of creating a new model of learning, which will support students’ academic learning in school – or at home, by providing a maker space in neighborhoods which lack out-of-school academic opportunities.  Through our Community Classroom we will provide an open share space to provide families opportunities to participate in interactive workshops related to STEM, literacy and art.  On weekends or after school, families can visit the Community Classroom art studio, robotics lab and literacy lounge.  Together, parents and children can build robots together, learn how to code programming and create art.

To support schools, the Community Classroom will partner with local schools to provide staff training on students engagement, parental involvement and content learning.  There are some awesome maker-spaces developing around the nation in schools and libraries for a variety of reasons. We envision that the Community Classroom will be informed by the existing success stories, and will establish an enriching model communities can emulate to rebuild families and communities.



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