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Tutoring for Children Who HATE Tutoring

Tutoring for Children Who HATE Tutoring

Aya Academy of Excellence’s Saturday Academy is a year-round programming for students who need to CATCH UP, KEEP UP and GET AHEAD. What makes Saturday Academy different? Unlike traditional skill and drill tutoring programs, Saturday Academy invests in having learners fall in love with learning. Skill development is achieved through the engagement of hands-on, highly interactive experiences. Saturday Academy deftly weaves together the use of science investigations, literature and digital explorations to foster each student’s academic development.

Are you ready for your kids to fall in love with reading, science and math? If so, join in a future session at Aya Academy of Excellence’s Saturday Academy small group tutoring program.


Getting on the ‘Write’ Track

For the past several weeks, the girls and I have been horribly off track. Our highly regimented schedule relaxed to the point of paralysis and countless distractions have impeded us from using our learning time wisely. But today is a brand new day and we are whipping out so e of the tools we created earlier in the year to get us back on track with all of our content areas and especially with our writing.

To assist with limiting distractions, the girls and I created personalized writing centers for them. Since this was our first year homeschooling they were used to some of the hallmarks of public education including individualized desks. The writing centers help transform our dining-room table from meal mode to learning zone. We created them out of two manila folders, construction paper, a slew of pictures and clear tape. The inside has plastic sleeves the girls use to store reference sheets and their best work.

Another aid to keep our writing on track are our writing prompt sticks. The girls randomly select from these to create short responses on varied topics. Today, Ava selected: What is Something You Feel Optimistic About? This was her first time using the term optimistic and she chose to craft her sentences on our puppy Bentley. She stated, she’s ‘optimistic that he will stay calm one day.’ We can only hope!


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